Will it hurt my credit if LevelCredit doesn't find a rent payment by the due date?

No, LevelCredit will never report negative information.

LevelCredit reports only positive data to the credit bureaus. If there is a month where a rent payment is not found, LevelCredit will not report any data to the credit bureaus that month. This will not negatively affect your score to make sure you do get credit for the following month, follow these steps.

If you did make a rent payment already, but LevelCredit has not automatically found it and reported it, first, check and make sure the payment is showing up on your bank statement. Sometimes it takes a few days or more for your landlord to cash the check or up to a week for the bank to process the payment completely. LevelCredit won't see it until it hits your bank account and the data is pulled into our system.

If it is showing up on your bank statement, but not in LevelCredit, it is most likely because you paid a different amount than usual, or maybe you paid from a different bank account. But don't worry - you can still get credit for it. Simply log in to your LevelCredit account and tell us which payment to report. You can also connect to a different bank account and check there.

This should only take a moment, but it's worth it to keep boosting your credit score! Please reach out to us if you cannot find the payment, and we'd be happy to help you.