Why wasn't my most recent rent payment found?

There are a few reasons why we may not have found and reported your most recent rent payment.

Our automated system makes it's best attempt to find your rent payment so we can get it reported to the bureaus if you have an active subscription.  However, there are times that we just can't find the payment.  

The first possibility is that your rent payment simply hasn't been cashed or has not yet cleared your bank account.  If you can see the payment has already cleared your bank account, our automated detection system will soon make the attempt to get the details of the payment.

In other cases, any one of the situations below may have happened:

  • The connection to your bank has been disconnected

  • You used a different bank account to pay your rent than you did the previous month

  • Your most recent rent payment amount is significantly different than the previous month

  • You paid rent differently than you have in the past (For example, you previously paid by check, but your most recent rent payment was paid via PayPal)

Our system does need time to locate your payment.  

The average time for this search is about 1 week around your due date.  

If the system has tried its best and it has determined that it cannot find your most recent rent payment after the waiting period has past the expected time to see your payment, we'll notify you via email. You can then log into your LevelCredit account and give us a hand by manually selecting the correct transaction to be reported.