Why couldn't you find my past rent payments?

There are a few reasons why we may not be able to find and report your past rent payments.

There may be a situation in which, after you've connected us to your bank account, that we are unable to find any of your historical rent payments in order to report to the bureaus. This may happen for one of many reasons, including:

  • You used a different bank account to pay your rent in the past.

  • Your bank does not provide any transaction details for payments made before your first reported payment.  This means that the bank was unable to provide us earlier transactions, and there is no way for us to request them from your bank. 

  • The connection to your bank was disconnected before we were able to find those historical rent payments.

  • Your past rent payment amounts are significantly different than your current rent payment amounts.

  • Your past rent payments were made differently than the way you make them now (For example, you used to pay by check, but now you pay via ACH transfer).

  • Your identity or lease information is still being verified. This can take up to two weeks. 

If our automated system is unable to find any of your historical rent payments, we will be unable to take any additional proof (like cancelled checks or bank statements) as a substitute. We're sorry for any inconvenience here - our hope is that we are able to report some past payments - even as little as 2 months or more can have an impact on your score.