Why are past payments not being found by Lookback?

There are a few reasons we may not find and report all your past rent or bill payments via Lookback, including: 

  • You used a different bank account to pay in the past. 
  • Your bank is not able to provide us earlier transactions. 
  • Your bank account was disconnected before we were able to find historical payments.
  • Your past payment amounts are significantly different than your current payment amounts.
  • Your past payments used a different payment method than you use now. For example, you used to pay via check, but now you pay via bank account transfer.
  • Your identity or lease information is still being verified, which can take up to 2 weeks. 

If our automated system can’t find historical payments, or we are not able to manually verify those payments with your input, we will not be able to report those payments to the credit bureaus.