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Why can’t I report my own rent directly to the credit bureaus?

Here's why the credit bureaus require you to work with a service like LevelCredit in order to report rent.

Ever wondered if you could just tell the credit bureaus about your monthly rent payments on your own? 

Unfortunately, the bureaus won’t let you just report your own payment data. There are a few reasons why.

  • First of all, they can’t just take your word for it that you paid as agreed. They need hard proof, from an independent third party (like LevelCredit). 
  • Second, they’ll only accept data that’s sent to them securely, using a special kind of data transfer system. That’s also where LevelCredit comes in.
We verify that you really paid, and then, we report your rent payment to each one of the credit bureaus, following all of their rules — so you can finally get credit for it.