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What will this look like on my credit report?

Your rent and utilities will be reported as a new tradeline on your credit report. There are five possible obligations you can get reported and you will see a new tradeline for each obligation (rent, water, electricity, gas and mobile).

If you opt in for all obligations you will see a new tradeline for all OR as many that are applicable to you if you choose. You can learn more about tradelines on our blog.

Previously your tradeline from LevelCredit would have been shown with the name "RentTrack" on your credit report however, that tradeline name will now show as "LevelCredit." This is because RentTrack was our original name as a data furnisher but we were able to get this updated as of August 2021. Every tradeline showing on TransUnion and Equifax will now reflect as "LevelCredit" moving forward.

A rental tradeline will show up as an "open" account type, under the sub-category "rental agreement".

NOTE:  We do not control how this tradeline is classified by the bureaus, nor do we control how other services may display the information to you.