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What will this look like on my credit report?

Your rent and utilities will be reported as a new tradeline on your credit report. There are five possible obligations you can have reported (rent, water, electric, gas and wireless).  You will see a new tradeline for each obligation.

If you opt in for all obligations, you will see a new tradeline for all obligations that have a trusted payment.  You can learn more about tradelines on our blog.

Which bureaus does LevelCredit report to?
We report rental payments to all three bureaus --> Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.  

  • Bureaus consider the account as a "rental agreement"

We report utility (gas, electric, water, and wireless) to TransUnion

  • TransUnion considers the account for gas, electric, and water as "utility company"
  • TransUnion considers the account for wireless as "telecom/cellular"


NOTE:  We do not control how this tradeline is classified by the bureaus, nor do we control how other services may display the information to you.