What counts as proof of rental payments?

There are times we may request proof of payment that shows a valid, verifiable transaction, including the:  

  • Date
  • Amount
  • Payee, which should match the name of the property management company or landlord you've listed 
  • Last four digits of the bank account used to process your payment


Accepted documents include: 

  • Copy of a deposited rent check, both front and back
  • Copy of the bank statement or screenshot of your account activity showing the payment transaction via direct debit, ACH, or wire transfer.
  • Screenshot proving online payment through a third-party service that shows the payment details, transaction or payment ID, and the name of your bank or credit card company. Note: We cannot track and report payments made from a standing balance within a payment app.   
  • Money order receipt showing the pament amount and payee name.
  • Purchaser’s copy of a cashier’s check, which is what you receive when you purchase a cashier’s check. 
  • Emailed receipt from your landlord or property manager that shows payment date, address, amount and payee.