What types of proof of payment do you accept?

If we have not found your recent rent payment, you can send us proof of your payment showing a valid, verifiable transaction.

If you paid your rent over two weeks ago and we have not found your most recent rent payment, there are still steps we can take to help get your rent payment reported. We will need you to send us proof of your rent payment. 

Before you send us proof, we need to see four things:

  1. Date

  2. Amount

  3. Payee (which should match the name of the property management company or landlord you've listed)

  4. Last four digits of the bank account used to process your payment.

Please email us one of these documents to ask@levelcredit.com:

  • Paper Check or Bill Pay: Upload a copy of a deposited check (front and back);

  • Direct Debit, ACH Debit, ACH Credit or Wire Transfer: Upload a copy of the bank statement OR a screenshot of your account's online activity showing the transaction;

  • Online payment through a 3rd party service Upload a screenshot of the online transaction record. It must show the following details:
         1. the transfer or payment details
         2. a valid transaction or payment ID
         3. the name of your bank or credit card company.
    However, please note that if you pay from a standing balance within a payment app, our system cannot track and report this. 

  • Money order: Upload a receipt showing the payment amount and payee (that is, who are you paying?)

  • Cashier's check:  Upload the purchaser's copy - this is what you receive when you purchase a cashier's check.

  • Emailed receipt: if you pay your landlord/property manager through their website or they send you an emailed receipt after payment has been received, please upload a copy of the emailed receipt which should shows the payment date, address, payment amount and payee (landlord/property manager).

Right now, rent payments made via cash, credit card, and cryptocurrency are not eligible for rent reporting. 

If you upload a document that does not match one of these accepted forms of proof, this will cause delays in reporting. LevelCredit will not be able to verify and report your rent until you upload one of the forms of proof from the above list. If none of these options work for you, please reach out and let us know at ask@levelcredit.com.