How to change your LevelCredit utility provider

If you change utility providers, you should update your account.

If you change utility service providers, you should close the old one in your account and then add your new provider.  

How to close your utility provider account:

  1. Log into your LevelCredit account 
  2. Click on the name of the utility provider that has changed
  3. Click the 3 gray dots on the right side of your address
  4. Select the option "Mark as closed" 
Once that utility is closed in LevelCredit, you can click on "add more payments" and choose the utility service you are adding (cell phone, gas, electric, or water). You will be asked to choose the utility provider and match a current payment for that utility.

Once your tradeline is closed, we won't be able to report any more rent payments for this utility service account. Your reported payments will be locked in on your credit report in good standing for 10 years.