What kind of rent transaction can be used for rent reporting?

Our rent reporting tool scans your bank transactions for payments that are easily identified and verified as rent, such as:    

  • Payments to online rent services provided by your property manager
  • Bank account transfers initiated by property managers 
  • Money transfer apps like Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal that pull funds from your bank account and show the payee as your landlord or property manager
  • Paper checks where almost the same amount is withdrawn around the same time each month
  • Money order or cashier’s checks, as long as you have proof of payment showing your landlord as the recipient


We do not accept the following transaction types for rent payments reporting. 

  • ATM withdrawals or cash payments
  • Payment methods that don’t show the name of the person receiving the payment
  • Any payment that does not appear as a bank transaction. For example, if you pay with a standing Venmo balance instead of money paid from your bank account using Venmo, we’re not able to accept the payment. 
  • Cryptocurrency payments 


If you paid for a subscription with us but are not able to use the service because we don’t accept your payment method, please contact us for a refund. Payments will only be reported to the credit bureaus for months where you have an active subscription.  


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