What kind of rent transaction does LevelCredit look for?

Depending on the way you pay, we may not be able to find your rent transaction. So what do we look for?

While LevelCredit can scan your bank transactions for your rent payments, we are looking for specific types of payments that are easily identified as rent. 

For example, if you use an online rent payment service provided by your property manager, it is generally very easy for LevelCredit to find and report your rent payment. Or if you use a service like Venmo or Zelle to transfer money and the details of the payee are available then we can verify your payment. 

Try to use: 

  • Payment services provided by your property manager

  • Property manager initiated ACH transfers

  • Money Transfer Apps like Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal

  • Paper Checks with relatively the same amount withdrawn around the same time each month

However, if you make a cash withdrawal and hand cash to your landlord, we have no way of knowing if that cash was actually used for your rent. Or, if you use a payment method that doesn't show the name of the recipient, we can't report this either, as we cannot verify who received the payment. 

Specifically, you cannot use the following transactions to report rent: 

  • ATM Withdrawals

  • Any payment method that does not show the recipient of the funds

  • Any payment that does not appear as a bank transaction (for example, funds paid with a standing Venmo balance rather than funds directly from your account paid using Venmo)

We can report money order and cashier's check payments, but we will ask for verification proof in the form of a photo of the payment method showing your landlord as the recipient.

If you are unable to use the service because your payment method was listed in the above, then we're happy to refund any subscription payment. You can request the refund directly by using our chat feature or emailing ask@levelcredit.com.