What if I pay rent a different way each month?

It's recommended to pay your rent the same way out of the same bank account monthly.

LevelCredit works best when you use the same bank account each month to make your rent payment. LevelCredit will automatically find future payments, but this can only happen if your current rent payment is paid from the same bank account where you've matched a previous payment already. 

Once you receive an email that your rent payment was not found, log into your LevelCredit account and click on "find it."  We will ask you the dollar amount of your current rent payment and give you the option to choose a transaction from your connected financial institutions.  If your current rent payment was paid from an account that is not connected, you can connect a new account from your settings. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 12.47.00 PM

Once connected, click on "find it" and choose your current rental payment from the list of transactions.