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Why can't I connect my bank account for rent or bills reporting?

There are a few reasons your bank account may not connect. 


You tried connecting your bank account but got an error message. 

In this case, our system will normally tell you what went wrong and what it means so you can fix it. For example, wrong password may mean you mistyped your password while trying to connect. Please fix the error and try again. 


Your bank’s 2-step verification prevents you from connecting. 

With this feature, your bank sends you a code via text message or email to verify your login. Having this feature turned on may cause errors while trying to connect to rent and bills reporting. 

To fix this 

  1. Go into the security settings for your bank account and turn 2-step verification off. Some banks may require you to call to change this setting.
  2. Connect your bank account to your rent and bills reporting at Self.  
  3. After the connection is successful, visit your bank account security settings and turn your 2-step verification back on.


Your bank account cannot connect via Plaid.  

To use rent and bills reporting at Self, you must be able to connect your financial institution via Plaid. If your financial institution is not listed, we are not able to report your rent or bill payments. 

Your financial institution may not connect via Plaid if: 

  • Plaid hasn't integrated with them yet.
  • Plaid can't reliably connect to them at this time.
  • Plaid is integrated but your financial institution does not allow transactional data to be shared.  

For questions about your bank account’s security features and Plaid connections, please contact your bank directly.