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How we keep your data safe

LevelCredit is committed to the security and protection of users’ data.

Why do you need my bank account credentials?

In order to report your credit-building payments to the major credit bureaus, we need to be able to view and verify the details of those transactions using data provided by your bank.

Do you store my bank account credentials?

Nope! In fact, LevelCredit never has access to the bank account credentials you provide. That information is sent directly to Plaid, a trusted third-party service and a leader in the industry. Plaid creates and maintains the connection to your bank account while adhering to strict security protocols.

How do you keep things secure?

LevelCredit is utterly committed to the security and protection of your data. You can read all about our practices and commitment in our blog post.

Can I unlink my accounts from LevelCredit?

Yes! You always have the option to disconnect your bank account at any time from the LevelCredit platform. (Of course, after doing that, we won't be able to find and report your credit-building payments. If you unlink all of your accounts, we suggest you cancel your subscription.)

Do you charge my bank account for my subscription?

At this time, we are not able to debit your subscription fees from your bank account. When you start your subscription, you'll let us know which credit or debit card you'd like to use.