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Don't I already get credit for paying rent?

Majority of the landlords don't report rent. Here's why.

Everyone should get credit for paying rent. But the thing is, most landlords don’t share any data about your payments, so they don’t show up on your credit report.

Some awesome landlords do offer their residents the opportunity to build credit with rent. For example, many property management companies do this using a product from the makers of Credit Builder called RentTrack. RentTrack lets renters pay their property manager online and report that rent payment to the major credit bureaus.

If you’re already signed up for a service like RentTrack, and have opted in to build credit, then yes! Your rent is reported and you probably won't need Credit Builder by LevelCredit.

For everyone else that was NOT offered rent reporting through their management company there’s Credit Builder by LevelCredit — which allows you to build credit no matter who your landlord is, or how you pay.