Do I have to log in every month and find my payment?

Short answer is No. LevelCredit "automatically" reports for you every month however if you pay differently every time its possible you may have to login every month.

With Credit Builder by LevelCredit, you won’t have to worry about another thing on your to-do list each month, since the system will automatically search and report your payment for you after your first payment is matched.

LevelCredit looks out for future payments that matches the first transaction you identified upon signing up. 

It can find the right transaction using different pieces of information. For example: the name of the payee, the date, or the amount.

So if everything looks similar next month, LevelCredit will find your payment and report it automatically. You’ll get an email every time we report for you. 

If your transaction looks different enough that it can’t be matched by the system automatically, then you’ll get a notification to log back in and tell LevelCredit which transaction to report. It only takes a second to confirm your rent payment, and you’ll have it reported again in no time.