Can I add past payments to my credit report?

Help build your credit with "LookBack" feature.

Give yourself a credit building advantage by adding all of your available past payments all at once to your credit report with our LookBack feature. Please note this feature does not come with your monthly subscription and is only an optional feature.

If you already have an active subscription and your bank account is successfully connected, LevelCredit will can detect the oldest payments you have available. These eligible payments include rent, cell phone, water, gas and electric with the ability of reporting back up-to 24 months from today's date.

In some instances, you may see the option available on your dashboard to select your furthest historical payment for a certain obligation (this may not be available for everyone).  If you do not see up to 24 months of history you may also contact our support by using the chat option below on the bottom right of our website or email us directly at 

To be eligible, past rent payments must be on your current lease, and your cell phone and utility payments paid through the same current providers. You will be notified via email as to how many total month(s) worth of historical payments can be added to your credit report for a one-time fee.

As LevelCredit works hard improving technology to reduce cost, the price for this LookBack service is a one-time $49.95 flat fee. Take advantage and have your past payments help your financial future.