Why do I need to connect to my bank?

Connecting to your bank will allow us to verify that you paid your rent + bills on time and provides us the payment information in order to report.

In order to report your rent or bill payments, LevelCredit needs proof that it was paid. Connecting to your bank is a quick, easy, and automatic way to show the bureaus your responsible payments.

We'll look for payments from the past 45 days that you can match for your selected obligations. Once you have confirmed your most recent payment for the first time it'll go through our verifications process to ensure the most accurate data is being reported. All rent payments will be reported it to Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax once your account if fully verified after sign up. All utility payments will report only to TransUnion once fully verified. 

After the first time you have matched your payment our system will automatically look for similar payments every month for you which is why it's important to have your bank connected so the system can find these payments for you every month.