Why did my tradeline name change?

LevelCredit recently merged with Self Financial, a credit building and savings platform offering more ways to build.

As part of a brand update, your tradeline account name will soon include the word 'Self'.

Will your credit report change?

The only thing that’s changing on your credit reports is the tradeline account name, all other account info will stay the same.  RENT LEVELCREDIT (at TransUnion) and LEVELCREDIT (at Experian and Equifax) will change to SELF RENT - LEVELCREDIT.  Your telco and utility tradlines will change from RT UTILITIES/LEVELCREDIT to SELF BILLS - LEVELCREDIT at TransUnion.

Will this impact your credit?

Nope! This name change won’t impact your credit score, and we’ll still report your other account info the same way.