My connection to my utility service provider isn’t working

Succesfully connecting to your utility service provider may be required so your payment can be verified.

Sometimes there are system errors when trying to connect to your utility service provider or gathering statement and payment information.  In some cases, these issues are temporary and caused by your service provider’s website or portal.  These temporary connection issues can often be resolved by simply trying to connect to your service provider through LevelCredit later.

Other times, you may be able to solve the problem by logging directly into your account on your service provider’s website, dismissing all notifications and alerts, and then viewing your most recent statement.  If you’re able to see your statement in your service provider’s portal, you should be able to retry your credentials in LevelCredit.  

If your provider requires you to use multifactor authentication with one-time codes or security questions, you may experience an issue connecting us to your service provider if you take too long to provide the code or to answer the security question.  Once presented with this security prompt, you will have a limited time to respond.

If none of these solutions resolve the problem and you’re still experiencing connectivity issues, please provide us with a copy of a downloaded utility bill statement so we can investigate the issue.