Once you match your rent transaction and your lease information is verified, we’ll also take a look at your other transactions and attempt to find any known utility companies that you’re paying each month.  

When/if we do find and verify them, we’ll let you know on your dashboard. At this time, there is no additional cost. Please review the payments we found, and if they look good, simply agree to report them and we’ll get on it!  You’ll need to review and agree to each utility that we find in order to report those payments.  

Unlike rent payments, we only search for known utility companies.  Therefore, we may not have all utilities in our search criteria, and may not find yours.  Furthermore, some utilities bill once for multiple services (electric and gas on the same bill), so you will not be able to get credit for both. We will add new utilities over time, and notify you on your dashboard once we do identify any additional utilities in your account. 

Utility reporting is a new concept - we're working with the bureaus to get them to accept this data. We are queuing up the data for now, and will report it once approved.

Just another way we’re looking to get you the credit you deserve!

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